Manufacturing capabilities in our two facilities include:

  • Blending:
    • 20 blenders for batch sizes from 35 to 3600 kilograms with a blending capacity of approximately 500,000 kilos weekly and 26 million kilograms annually
    • All blenders are V-Shaped stainless steel Patterson Kelly and Gemco ranging in sizes from 2 cubic feet to 175 cubic feet
  • Tableting & Coating:
    • 26 high-speed tablet presses and 8 Acela coating pans
    • Wide range of presses allowing for various batch and tablet sizes
    • Coating capabilities that include pharmaceutical glaze, aqueous film coating and enteric coating
  • Encapsulation (powder):
    • 35 capsule machines in New York and 12 in North Carolina
    • Annual production capability exceeds 4 billion capsules
    • Gelatin or vegetable capsules may be produced in the following sizes: “000”, “00”, ”0”,“1”, “3”, “4” and elongated “00”
  • Encapsulation (liquid):
    • The Liquid Capsule Department is equipped with 3 liquid filling machines and banders to produce two-piece liquid capsules
    • Technology and capability allows for smaller sized runs, which is not typically available for soft elastic gelatin-type formulas
    • Capable of producing oil-based formulas that are otherwise difficult to produce
  • Packaging (tablets/capsules/powders):
    • Combined, 9 fully-automated lines and 5 semi-automatic counters have a capacity of over 200,000 bottles daily
    • For products in powder form, two automated lines produce approximately 12,000 bottles daily